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Drama Education Network provides standards-based curriculum products, teacher training services, and school residencies in arts and literacy for grades preschool through college. Our mission is to empower educators to use creative drama and theatre arts to create an optimal learning environment in any classroom. We specialize in theatre education, literacy development, and arts integration across the curriculum. Our products and services have been developed and refined through years of research, classroom experience, and feedback from fellow educators.

Drama Education Network has four educational purposes. The first is to use creative drama to enhance the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development of children of all ages. We show educators how creative drama can be used to make learning fun and meaningful in all school subjects while developing 21st Century skills such as creativity and collaboration. Our second purpose is to teach theatre as an art form to students of all ages. Our third purpose is to develop literacy and enhance the language arts program. Our fourth purpose is arts integration: a) integrating the arts together (e.g., drama and dance or media and theatre); and b) integrating the arts across the curriculum (e.g., pantomiming math terms such as area/perimeter, or dancing the water cycle).

Drama Education Network is located in Los Angeles. Our Staff Development services are available in the United States, Canada, and internationally. Our School Residencies are available in the greater Los Angeles area.

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