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Model Demonstration Lessons

model-lesson1Expressing vocabulary in frozen tableau - grades 5-6

Our model demonstration lessons with students allow teachers the opportunity to observe best practices using our methods and materials in the classroom. After the lesson, our presenter leads reflection/debrief time with the teachers. Teachers become motivated by seeing the positive effects of our drama methods on their students. They learn valuable strategies for lesson structure, classroom management, arts integration, inspiring creative expression, and connecting to literacy and Common Core ELA.

A model demonstration lesson day typically consists of 3 lessons of 1 hour each plus 30 minutes with teachers after each lesson. For elementary schools, the 3 lessons can cover the following grade level spans: K-1, 2-3, and 4-5. Example model lesson topics for theatre and arts integration are included below. We can customize model lessons to address specific topics in any subject area to meet your needs.

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Model Lesson Titles and Topics (Representative)

Drama and Theatre
• Actor's Tools
• Cooperation
• Speaking on Stage
• Pantomime
• Tableau
• Characterization
• Improvisation
• Gibberish
Literacy and Common Core ELA
• Character
• Setting
• Plot
• Story Dramatization
• The Amazing Adjective Machine
• I Guess Grammar IS Fun!
• Speaking on Stage
• Words Alive!
Across the Curriculum
• The Water Cycle
• Habitats and Ecosystems
• Great Americans
• Historical News
• Story Problems (math)
• Shapes and Angles (geometry)
• Drama, Music, and Movement
• Modern Media

model-lesson-reflection4Reflecting with teachers after the model lesson

"It was so helpful to see the model demonstration lessons with the students.
They absolutely loved the lesson! I learned invaluable strategies for
classroom management, literacy connections, sparking creativity, and assessment.
Fun, practical ideas that I can put to immediate use in my classroom!"

Ruby Gonzales
Kindergarten teacher