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Texas Textbook Adoption

Reviewed and Approved by the TX State Board of Education
The ONLY State-Approved Textbook for Grades K-8!

Curriculum for Creative Drama, Theatre, Literacy, and Arts Integration
Ideal for K-12 Theatre, and K-5 Classroom and Music teachers

Program Components (Digital and Print)

  • home-dw-online
    Drama Works! Online
    • The entire curriculum in digital format
    • Access DW from computer, tablet, or phone
    • Read, project, or print digital content
    • Theatre TEKS alignments K-12
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  • home-comp-book
    Companion Book of Lesson Plans
    • 150 lesson plans, 65 indexes, and glossary
    • Work offline to quickly find and lead lessons
    • Save time and cost of printing from DW
    • Custom plastic binding/covers/tabs/pocket
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  • Creativity Cards
    • 500 cards from DW in 10 color-coded sets
    • Instant ideas and story starters for acting,
    arts integration, and vocabulary development
    • 3x5” size, wild cards, tabs, booklet, and box
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  • Vocabulary Cards
    • 300 cards from DW in 4 color-coded sets
    • Standards-based theatre and literary terms
    with definitions, examples, and bonus content
    • 3x5” size, durable tabs, booklet, and box
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Adoption Information for Texas Schools and Districts

Textbook Adoption Powerpoint | Price List  | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | License Agreement

Drama Works! Teaching System

Welcome to the new textbook in creative drama and theatre arts instruction for the state of Texas! Drama Works! is designed to meet the new K-12 TEKS for theatre (2015) as well as teach with drama across the curriculum for arts integration, literacy/ELD, and STEAM. It represents the cutting edge of pedagogy and technology, combining digital and print components to engage the teacher and students in hundreds of dynamic lesson plans. Adopting Drama Works! represents a substantial savings over traditional textbooks because you do not have to pay for books for every student. Pricing is per teacher and includes use by all of that teacher's students. In addition, each district-purchased extended license can be reassigned to a new teacher taking over for an outgoing teacher (no extra charge for this transfer).

Drama Works! adoption and renewal choices for Texas schools/districts

The original fine arts adoption in 2015 was for an 8-year cycle through school year 2022-2023. This is now being extended an additional 4 years through school year 2026-2027. For current customers, all packages with the extended digital access option expire at the end of school year 2022-2023. Existing licenses will need to be renewed and any missing print components will need to be replaced (some may have gone missing since 2015). Contact us for a free customized DW Teacher Use Survey so you can find out what needs replacing. New customers will be starting with the options below as well.
1. Digital Only: includes Drama Works! Online for each teacher
2. Digital/Print Package: includes Drama Works! Online and the Companion Book of Lesson Plans for each teacher
3. Complete System: includes Drama Works! Online, the Companion Book of Lesson Plans, the Creativity Cards, and the Vocabulary Cards for each teacher
*All 3 choices have 2 options: 1yr digital access or extended digital access through SY 2026-2027

Scheduling a free virtual presentation (for textbook review committee or administration)

Contact us to schedule a free virtual presentation with your textbook adoption committee or administration if considering licensing Drama Works! to multiple teachers. We connect with you from Los Angeles via Zoom, Skype, Google, or Teams, then take you on a virtual tour of the curriculum, adoption packages, and PD teacher training options. We can answer questions and show you more than is publicly viewable on the website.

Ordering instructions and process

Step 1: Deciding What to Order
Drama Works! package options: online only, digital/print package, or complete system; 1yr or extended licenses.
Replacing missing print components: we can provide you with a free customized teacher use survey so you can find out what needs replacing.
Groups of teachers to include: K-12 theatre teachers, K-5 elementary classroom, K-5 music, etc.
PD package of teacher training services in person and virtual to ensure you get more out of Drama Works! (teachers login 5x more often after PD with us).
Contact us for free consultations to help you design the ideal package of curriculum and teacher training PD services.

Step 2: Getting Your Price Quote
Send us any required paperwork to add us as an approved vendor so you can send us purchase orders as needed.
Get an official price quote from us that includes all products, licenses, shipping, and PD teacher training services you wish to order.

Step 3: Placing Your Order
Order directly in EMAT (no vendor setup required); PD services cannot be ordered in EMAT (requires PO sent to us directly).
Send us a purchase order (vendor setup required) for materials and/or PD teacher training (can be separate POs).

Step 4: Shipping Print Components
For EMAT orders, shipping charges are not seen, but are billed directly to TEA's FedEx account (under 150lbs) and shipped to you.
For purchase orders you send to us, we add shipping/handling charges to cover depository fees and shipping costs (based on size, weight, quantity, etc.).
The school/district then requests a dispersement in EMAT or with TEA for the shipping charges, which comes from a separate fund (does not affect IMA allotment for textbooks).
Freight charges for shipments over 150lbs can be either from a district-preferred provider, or from our shipping provider as per contract requirements with TEA.

Step 5: Setting Up Login Credentials
You choose a Login Administrator to oversee the Drama Works! teacher logins (admin who supervises the licensed teachers).
The Login Administrator provides us with the teacher information and distributes final login credentials to each licensed teacher.
Note that there are no student logins to setup and we do not collect any student data, only teacher information.

Step 6: Scheduling PD Services
Booking dates for in person or virtual PD can only occur after we receive the PO and signed consulting services contract.

Step 7: Invoicing and Payment
For EMAT orders, TEA pays the amount due automatically, so you will not be invoiced by us.
For purchase orders placed directly with our company, we will send you the invoice for payment due, then you mail us the check for payment.

Step 8: Renewing Drama Works! Licenses
For 1yr licenses, you will need to plan ahead to order renewals each year to avoid interruption to teacher access to Drama Works! Online.
For extended digital licenses, the Login Administrator will need to provide us with any changed teacher information to update the profiles each year.

Funding sources

- Instructional Materials Allotment (IMA) funds can be used for both curriculum and PD teacher training services
- District budgets: Fine Arts, Gifted and Talented, Technology, School Site, Classroom
- Title I and Title II funds to support underprivileged, ESL, or struggling learners through arts integration
- Grants: arts integration, differentiated learning, social emotional learning, STEM to STEAM
(e.g., the Texas Commission on the Arts, NEA, private foundations)

Who do I contact in my district for help with funding?
Best options are a Fine Arts or VAPA director, Curriculum & Instruction, Textbooks Coordinator, or your principal.

Drama Works! Alignment to Texas Theatre TEKS

Drama Works! Teaching System was reviewed by the Texas State Board of Education as part of Proclamation 2015 for Fine Arts Textbooks. It was approved for adoption as the new theatre arts textbook in Texas school districts for grades K-12. Drama Works! is the ONLY state-approved theatre arts textbook for grades K-8. Note that the TEKS Alignment is only available in the digital component (Drama Works! Online) and not the print components (Companion Book of Lesson Plans, Creativity Cards, and Vocabulary Cards). For more details about our Texas state board review results, go to FAQ. Below are sample views of Drama Works! user-friendly TEKS alignment pages, which are located under Standards Alignments after logging into Drama Works! Online. The screenshot sample shows a basic view of the layout, and the complete alignment shows the full layout for all standards and grade levels (links and navigation anchors will not function in these samples, but do work for licensed users when logged in to Drama Works! Online).


House Bill 5 and Elementary Theatre

The passage of House Bill 5 by the Texas legislature now requires that art, music, and theatre be taught by certified teachers at the elementary level. Most districts do not employ elementary theatre teachers, or do not have enough to cover all campuses and students. However, there are other teachers that qualify to deliver the K-5 theatre TEKS. The most common solution is to equip and train elementary classroom teachers to use Drama Works! for literacy, arts integration, or STEAM focus while also meeting the K-5 theatre TEKS. Drama Works! was written and designed for the generalist teacher as well as the theatre specialist. We have trained thousands of elementary teachers throughout Texas and can provide the materials and training to ensure success for all teachers. Some districts have chosen to integrate the K-5 theatre TEKS into their elementary music programs. Drama Works! includes hundreds of integration ideas and activities for music instruction; it helps elementary music teachers address both music and theatre TEKS. We also have experience training groups of music teachers for arts integration. Drama Works! is the only state-approved textbook for elementary schools and it meets 100% of the K-5 theatre TEKS! Plus, you don't have to purchase books for every student, just the materials for each teacher. Our low pricing gives you the opportunity to equip and train all of your elementary teachers. With Proclamation 2015 and the IMA funds coming for fine arts, now is the time to implement quality theatre instruction for all elementary teachers and students! Contact us for a free consultation to help you design a multi-year adoption plan based on successful models we've applied in other districts.

PD Teacher Training Services

Take advantage of our Staff Development services to help teachers learn how to use Drama Works! Teaching System to meet the theatre TEKS and enhance learning across the curriculum. Learn directly from Mr. Jonas Basom, M.Ed, the author and creator of Drama Works! and award-winning teacher and consultant presenter. Contact us for a free consultation to help you design an effective staff development plan for teachers in your school/district. Our research shows that teachers login 5x more often after receiving our PD trainings. Get more out of Drama Works! and enhance your teacher's knowledge and skills with our fun, effective, and inspiring trainings!

PD Evaluations
Elementary Teachers
Integrating Drama Across the Curriculum
Implementing Drama Works!
Model Demonstration Lessons
Secondary Teachers
Theatre Specialists (6-12)
English Teachers (grades 6-10)
Skype for Theatre Specialists (6-12)

Texas School District Adoptions

The following school districts have adopted Drama Works! Teaching System as their theatre arts textbook beginning in 2015. Middle school and high school adoptions are for theatre teachers. Elementary school adoptions include mostly classroom teachers or music teachers to meet the theatre TEKS through arts integration, and, in some cases, elementary theatre specialists.

Abilene ISD
Aldine ISD
Allen ISD
Alvin ISD
Arlington ISD
Austin ISD
Beaumont ISD
Big Spring ISD
Borger ISD
Bryan ISD
Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD
Cleburne ISD
College Station ISD
Comal ISD
Cotulla ISD
Cypress-Fairbanks ISD
Dallas ISD
Decatur ISD
Dickinson ISD
East Central ISD
El Paso ISD
Fort Worth ISD
Frisco ISD
Galveston ISD
Garland ISD
Gordon ISD
Greenville ISD
Gregory Portland ISD
Harlandale ISD
Higgins ISD
Houston ISD
Huckabay ISD
Irving ISD
Jacksonville ISD
Keller ISD
KIPP Texas
La Joya ISD
Lamar CISD
Lewisville ISD
Malone ISD
Marshall ISD
McCallen ISD
Merkel ISD
New Boston ISD
New Caney ISD
New Waverly ISD
Northside ISD
Onalaska ISD
Port Arthur ISD
Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD
Rains ISD
Robinson ISD
Roma ISD
Rusk ISD
San Antonio ISD
San Marcos CISD
Seagraves ISD
Sealy ISD
Seguin ISD
Sharyland ISD
Socorro ISD
Terrel ISD
United ISD
Uvalde ISD
Waxahachie ISD
Weslaco ISD
West Orange-Cove CISD
White Settlement ISD
Pasadena ISD
Paris ISD

Texas Testimonials

Drama Works! Teaching System
"The best curriculum I have seen in 35 years teaching high school drama! It is an amazing synthesis of a lifetime of top-quality theatre training, performing, teaching, and research. Ideal for beginning and veteran drama teachers of middle school and high school."

Ruben Van Kempen
Roosevelt High School
Named one of America's top ten theatre programs

“This program has replaced McCaslin as our required text for Creative Drama because it is more practical, has more features, and is directly tied to our state theatre arts standards. It makes my job easier and the students love the program! I know they will use it in their classrooms for years to come. I love the free support provided and contact with the author. An amazing tool!”

Nancy Jo Humfeld
Chair, Theatre Dept., Howard Payne University
TETA Past President

"This outstanding program is one of the best I have seen in 30 years teaching theatre at all grade levels. The integration ideas make it easy to adapt the game to lesson plans tied to the TEKS. Non-theatre teachers can succeed with the great ideas for classroom management and coaching."

Beverly (Burnside) Johnson
TETA K-8 Teacher of the Year recipient

"I am not at all computer literate, but this program is so easy to use.  I love how each game is written so clearly with everything I need to know from set up to evaluation.  Great connections to arts standards, multiple intelligences, and all school subjects."

Pam Fletcher Hill
Middle School Theatre

"Great for English Learners, Special Ed., and gifted students. This program improves all students' vocabulary, fluency, reading, and writing."

Esther Kim
Elementary Principal

"Great for busy teachers with little planning time. I have used the games to motivate my students to read and write, develop comprehension skills, and teach science concepts."

Kay Strenio
1st grade teacher

"Empowering! I am instantly connected to a wealth of simple, creative, and effective ideas. A tremendous addition to the curriculum!"

Kiffen Madden-Lunsford
3rd grade teacher

"My students gained confidence and improved their English language abilities. The games create a fun atmosphere for learning. They captivate and motivate students of all academic levels to experience success in the classroom!"

Edie Lynn
5th grade teacher

"I love the refrigerator dance!"

1st grade student

Staff Development Trainings
"The games and techniques on this program meet the TEKS and challenge students to the highest levels of creativity, language development, and thinking. Jonas is an engaging and inspiring presenter who has helped 120 of our generalist teachers gain skill and confidence using drama across the curriculum. These wonderful materials and dynamic teacher training workshops are perfect for meeting Senate Bill 815."

Troy Tinney
Director of Fine Arts (former)
Waco ISD

"We purchased the complete kit for one elementary teacher at every grade level throughout the district. Jonas' professional development in-service trainings for our teachers received overwhelming appreciation. By the end of the day, he had changed teachers from nervous and inexperienced observers to excited and confident participants asking for more!"

Tim Jones
Theatre Arts Advisor
Brownsville ISD

"We purchased the complete kit and full-day workshop for all of our theatre teachers, K-12. Our teachers absolutely loved the hands-on training!"

Martha Fair
Fine Arts Specialist
Corpus Christi ISD

"The best staff development we have ever had! Mr. Basom inspired 45 teachers with wonderful games that are easy to use in the classroom with different learning styles. His strategies for second language learners are some of the best I have ever seen. He is a master of his craft!"

Susy Oh
Elementary Principal

"Through his dynamic and interactive presentation, our teachers learned more effective strategies to implement the English Language Arts standards. A must see."

Luis Rojas
Elementary Assistant Principal

"Jonas is a very engaging speaker. His PD training is grounded in his experience as an actor and teacher. Great strategies for managing a large group through routines and procedures. Energetic, fun, and practical!"

Kay Bliss
High School Theatre

"Clearly demonstrated how we can combine the creative art of drama with an intellectually rigorous educational pedagogy that addresses language arts skills, multiple intelligences, and social skills. It was also great fun and I can apply the activities immediately to my classroom."

Jason Buchalter
2nd grade teacher

"Educational, applicable, interesting, fun, useful, and motivating!"

Michael Zito
4th grade teacher