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College Courses for Teachers

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Drama Education Network has partnered with Courses4Teachers at the University of the Pacific to offer 3 different courses, each worth 3 graduate-level college credits. These professional development credits count towards salary advancement and help fulfill the requirements for renewing a teaching credential. Teachers may take each course once (in any order). These are self-designed, independent study courses that teachers can take at any time from any location in the world. There are no classes (live or online) to attend. Teachers can earn these college credits by simply filling in a log totaling 45 hours of activities and work related to using any of our curriculum products or staff development services.

Course Titles
• EDU 9198 Kinesthetic and Creative Teaching Techniques for Effective Classroom Management
• EDU 9197 Integrating Drama Across the Curriculum
• EDU 9226 Enhancing Literacy Using K-12 Drama Activities

Acceptable DEN Materials to use for Independent Work
• Drama Works! Teaching System
• Drama Works! Online
• DW Companion Book of Lesson Plans
• DW Creativity Cards
• DW Vocabulary Cards
• The Drama Game File CD-ROM
• DGF Companion Notebook
• The Character Cards Box Set

Examples of Acceptable Log Entries
*Note: the log can contain any combination of PD or independent work (can also be all PD or all independent work)
Professional Development

• In-person PD training
• Conference workshop
• Model demonstration lessons
• Video conference session
• One-on-one consultation
• Follow-up assignments
• Reflection and use homework

Independent Work

• Teaching with DEN materials
• Applying strategies from DEN materials or Mr. Basom's trainings
• Planning, teaching, and/or revising lessons
• Developing curriculum
• Creating and/or rehearsing a performance using DEN materials
• Reading, researching, and/or making notes from DEN materials
• Grading student work based on DEN materials

"This was the easiest 3 units of college credit I ever earned!
I was already using Drama Works! in my classroom anyways.
All I did was log my lesson planning and teaching time, plus a
conference workshop I attended with Mr. Basom. I did not
need to go to any classes and I was able to start when I wanted.
Registration and paperwork was quick and easy. Great deal!

-Sylvia Kanter
7th grade teacher